Sunday, October 25, 2009

No danger of that happening...

As far as me getting started...

I've had this page for several days now and this is the first thing I've written just for it. Everything else is cut and pasted, and there's very little of that.

I have a penchant for procrastination that I plan to deal with sometime maybe after I deal with some of my other issues. It's not really so much that I procrastinate, it's that I forget that I've procrastinated. I say, "I'll do it as soon as I'm finished with this" (whatever this might be) but by the time I've finished, it's completely gone out of my mind. I might even say, "OK, what was it I was going to do when I finished this?", but there's no way I will ever remember.

I've forgotten to pay bills that I remembered to set the money aside for and had services turned off. That really sucks, because I'm poor. A $35 reconnect fee hurts.

I forgot to go to my own birthday party once. I was planning to go, I got ready to go, I had to wait a few minutes so I started working on something out in the yard and didn't think about what I was doing for almost two hours, by which time they had given up on me.

I've forgotten to go to work when I was scheduled and I've forgotten what day it was and gone to work when I was scheduled off. Several times. I've never lost a job because of it but I'm sure I've lost some promotions.

I'm taking some Amino Acid supplements that might actually help a little with that, too soon to tell now. Anything would be an improvement, as far as I am concerned. I cannot tell you (who are you anyway?) how many relationships and opportunities have been lost because of this. One lovely girl I was really interested in seeing gave me her phone number and then came to where I worked about two weeks later and just laid me open for not ever calling her. I forgot. Dang.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's called MEAT!

The media and so called "Nutritionists" have been working for thirty years to teach us that Fat is bad. In part because they or their teachers feel it is wrong to kill animals for food. It's been proselytized as being because "Sat. Fat is bad for your heart", because "Fat makes you fat", although most of us know that both of those things are simply false.

They sneak propagandistic phrases into our daily language, such as "artery clogging fats" or "high cholesterol fats" and have even tried to associate fat with "grease" as in the petroleum product used to lubricate engine parts.

These are relatively overt methods of slipping unconscious trigger words into our brains. Worse are the ones they use that might go completely unnoticed, because the enemy you cannot see is more dangerous than the one you can.

These are thoughts and phrases that teach us that :
1) Fat is not food
2) Protein and carbs are food
3) Meat is Protein

Which leads to their real goal:

4) One protein is as good as the next
5) Tofu is better protein
6) Meat is not food

To do this, they have gotten everyone in the world to call meat "Protein" as if it were a box of dry white powder. It's not. It's animal flesh, from an animal that was probably raised, sold, killed and cut into parts because that's the natural food of human beings. Removing the word "Meat" from our vocabulary is their way of removing the idea that we naturally eat animals to live.

I don't want that idea removed. I like ideas. All of them, but particularly the true ones.

Using the word "Protein" when you mean meat has another effect. Because a low carb diet is almost always a high meat diet, it makes the WOE sound like a high protein diet, which can be attacked.

They don't have to say "Atkins is bad for you", which has been proven wrong. They can say "A high protein diet is bad for you", which can be shown to be true. Then we, WE OURSELVES, connect the word "Protein" to our diet by calling meat "Protein".

The uneducated masses come away thinking "High Protein diets are bad for you. LooWee says he eats mostly "Protein". LooWee's diet is bad for you."

It's MEAT! Say it loud and proud. If you are going to call it by one of it's macronutrient components, why not call it Fat? "I'm having a Fat for dinner with my veggie". We wouldn't do that because we have been taught that fat is bad for you. Then why call it a Protein?

It's MEAT! The flesh of animals which has been harvested for human consumption is MEAT! There's nothing wrong with that! Even though Walt Disney spent (and made) billions of dollars trying to convince us otherwise, animals are not talking friends who we should save from every forest fire and never hunt. They are food! That's why they are made out of MEAT!

So, I suggest that we start calling it MEAT and educating folks who use the word "Protein" incorrectly.

Glad I got that off my chest.

Friday, October 16, 2009

The illusion of free will and carb addiction

I've been thinking about the illusions we often have about self-control.

Not that we never have any control, but where the limits are in our behavior... on average. For instance, you can stop breathing for a while if you want to, but after a few dozen seconds, you'll make an excuse to start up again. It's not because you have to, obviously, because you're still conscious. It's because this is too hard or someone said something funny or you realized you need to pee... anything at all, and as the seconds pass, the reasons become less important than your simple desire to breathe.

Now obviously we need to breathe. We also need to eat. We don't need to eat carbs but what if our brain is telling us that we do? Don't we respond in much the same way? First we search for rational excuses, then we search for any excuse, then we just grab the Oreos with no thought of an excuse.

Perhaps it was always about the brain over-riding our conscious thoughts, and our mind making excuses to allow us the illusion of self-control. We convince ourselves that we did it because we wanted to, not because our actions are often guided by instinct.

I like to think that I have final say over what I actually do. But what if that's not true? What if I only have a 49% vote? The other 51% going to my silent partner brain and it only votes when it feels like it. I would be sitting in the big chair, thinking I was the top Executive of my life, when all of a sudden I get a phone call telling me that my plans were scrapped and we were moving forward on a different agenda now.

What if, like sailors pulled down in the ocean, struggling for oxygen, my behavior is completely out of my ultimate control. I will climb on the shoulders of my crew mates, tear my arms out of my sockets, do anything it takes to get what my brain tells me it wants, no matter what my mind likes to think when I am all satisfied and comfy.

That would explain a lot.