Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's called MEAT!

The media and so called "Nutritionists" have been working for thirty years to teach us that Fat is bad. In part because they or their teachers feel it is wrong to kill animals for food. It's been proselytized as being because "Sat. Fat is bad for your heart", because "Fat makes you fat", although most of us know that both of those things are simply false.

They sneak propagandistic phrases into our daily language, such as "artery clogging fats" or "high cholesterol fats" and have even tried to associate fat with "grease" as in the petroleum product used to lubricate engine parts.

These are relatively overt methods of slipping unconscious trigger words into our brains. Worse are the ones they use that might go completely unnoticed, because the enemy you cannot see is more dangerous than the one you can.

These are thoughts and phrases that teach us that :
1) Fat is not food
2) Protein and carbs are food
3) Meat is Protein

Which leads to their real goal:

4) One protein is as good as the next
5) Tofu is better protein
6) Meat is not food

To do this, they have gotten everyone in the world to call meat "Protein" as if it were a box of dry white powder. It's not. It's animal flesh, from an animal that was probably raised, sold, killed and cut into parts because that's the natural food of human beings. Removing the word "Meat" from our vocabulary is their way of removing the idea that we naturally eat animals to live.

I don't want that idea removed. I like ideas. All of them, but particularly the true ones.

Using the word "Protein" when you mean meat has another effect. Because a low carb diet is almost always a high meat diet, it makes the WOE sound like a high protein diet, which can be attacked.

They don't have to say "Atkins is bad for you", which has been proven wrong. They can say "A high protein diet is bad for you", which can be shown to be true. Then we, WE OURSELVES, connect the word "Protein" to our diet by calling meat "Protein".

The uneducated masses come away thinking "High Protein diets are bad for you. LooWee says he eats mostly "Protein". LooWee's diet is bad for you."

It's MEAT! Say it loud and proud. If you are going to call it by one of it's macronutrient components, why not call it Fat? "I'm having a Fat for dinner with my veggie". We wouldn't do that because we have been taught that fat is bad for you. Then why call it a Protein?

It's MEAT! The flesh of animals which has been harvested for human consumption is MEAT! There's nothing wrong with that! Even though Walt Disney spent (and made) billions of dollars trying to convince us otherwise, animals are not talking friends who we should save from every forest fire and never hunt. They are food! That's why they are made out of MEAT!

So, I suggest that we start calling it MEAT and educating folks who use the word "Protein" incorrectly.

Glad I got that off my chest.

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  1. Loowoowee, I hope you will post some about the joys of a carnivorous diet. I saw your post at Dr. Emily Deans' blog and looked in here.

    Best wishes to you.

    "Auntie Em" from LCF