Sunday, October 25, 2009

No danger of that happening...

As far as me getting started...

I've had this page for several days now and this is the first thing I've written just for it. Everything else is cut and pasted, and there's very little of that.

I have a penchant for procrastination that I plan to deal with sometime maybe after I deal with some of my other issues. It's not really so much that I procrastinate, it's that I forget that I've procrastinated. I say, "I'll do it as soon as I'm finished with this" (whatever this might be) but by the time I've finished, it's completely gone out of my mind. I might even say, "OK, what was it I was going to do when I finished this?", but there's no way I will ever remember.

I've forgotten to pay bills that I remembered to set the money aside for and had services turned off. That really sucks, because I'm poor. A $35 reconnect fee hurts.

I forgot to go to my own birthday party once. I was planning to go, I got ready to go, I had to wait a few minutes so I started working on something out in the yard and didn't think about what I was doing for almost two hours, by which time they had given up on me.

I've forgotten to go to work when I was scheduled and I've forgotten what day it was and gone to work when I was scheduled off. Several times. I've never lost a job because of it but I'm sure I've lost some promotions.

I'm taking some Amino Acid supplements that might actually help a little with that, too soon to tell now. Anything would be an improvement, as far as I am concerned. I cannot tell you (who are you anyway?) how many relationships and opportunities have been lost because of this. One lovely girl I was really interested in seeing gave me her phone number and then came to where I worked about two weeks later and just laid me open for not ever calling her. I forgot. Dang.

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